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2023 High School Graduation Banners

Please, start your banner order by filling out the following link after viewing items below:

Senior Graduation Invitations:

To purchase your Senior Graduation Invitations, use the following Link:


Simply pick your BANNER SIZE, and then select your BANNER STYLE.

Our Commerical Banner Material is designed for long-lasting indoor displays, to demanding outdoor display conditions. This durable front lit banner material can handle it all.
The vinyl polyester scrim reinforcement provides excellent rip-stop qualities.

We also use Commerical UV scratch resistant eco-friendly inks.

Our Vertical Banners are: (3 feet wide & 5 feet tall) --*$89
(They come in Styles #1-#3)

Our Horizontal banners come in (3) Sizes:

* Our Regular Banner: (6 feet Long & 3 feet tall)---*$99

* Our Mega Banner:(8 feet Long & 3 feet tall) *$109

* Our Jumbo Banner:(8 feet Long & 4'3" feet tall)--*$119
(Comes in the following styles #4-#25)

Plus, tax & Shipping

To VIEW any banner at Full Size, Click on the banner. To scroll from one banner to the next banner simply, Click on the dots, on either side of the picture.

All Banners are CUSTOM to YOUR Senior's: School Colors, Mascot, Senior info, Your Senior message, etc.

UPON completion of your BANNER FORM and INVOICE PAYMENT, we will Create your CUSTOM Banner & then send you a DIGITAL PROOF.

Digital Proof: will be emailed for review and approval. One revision is included with your proof, if necessary. Please note, delays in approving proofs will result in delivery delays.

We also SELL the following Graduation Items: Cap Toppers & Banner Embellishments Below!

The Following Banners #9, #10, #12, #16. These customers All Purchased EMBELLISHMENTS for their banner.

Cap Toppers ---*Regular Price: $30 - * Sale Price $6.99

Banner Embellishments ---*Regular Price: $15 - * Sale Price $6.99

A Few Actual Customer comments about their banners.

I can also create a banner if you need to place more than One child on your banner.

Please, start your banner order by filling out the following link after viewing items below:
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