Welcome to Triston & Hailey's Baby Shower Invitation.

Simply follow the below instructions to download.

Hailey and Triston's Baby registry link is below.
Hailey Marshbank and Triston Beck’s Baby Registry at Babylist

I would suggest you print these instructions first before you proceed.

To Download:
follow the quick shop guidelines below.
The quick shop digital download is simple. I have placed the instructions below.

1. In the top right-hand corner of the screen. Look for the Select photos button.

2. Click, the select photos button.

3 . Above your name in the instructions, you will see option to select ALL / NONE Tab.

4. Click: The ALL Tab.

5. Once complete, click the Download Button located at the Right-hand corner.

6. Your photos are now in a Zip Link. Simply click on link to download to your computer.

Save your pictures to your computer.
Now you can email these to your phone, or any other electronic device.
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