Hello Avnee

Thank You for your Digital Download Purchase

I would suggest you print these instructions first before you proceed.

You can save these images on any electronic device.
There is no limit to the number of downloads.

So, every family member can download these images as well.

However, my website will turn the downloads off automatically (1) month from today.
Have everybody do their downloads for the website before the expiration date.

To Download:
follow the quick shop guidelines below.
The quick shop digital download is simple. I have placed the instructions below.

1. In the top right-hand corner of the screen. Look for the Select photos button.

2. Click, the select photos button.

3 . Above your name in the instructions, you will see option to select ALL / NONE Tab.

4. Click: The ALL Tab.

5. Once complete, click the Download Button located at the Right-hand corner.

6. Your photos are now in a Zip Link. Simply click on link to download to your computer.

Save your pictures to your computer.
Now you can email these to your phone, or any other electronic device.

Thank You,
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This gallery will be available through January 21, 2022. Remind me again later